To Breathe

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Air. Fire. Earth. Water.

Joy. Passion. Fear. Peace.
Spring. Summer. Autumn. Winter. 

Four humours, four seasons, four elements. ‘To Breathe’ is a physical exploration of how each body and each life breathes as it moves through cycles of being. With each expansion and contraction of our lungs, and with every beat of our heart, our bodies tell stories of love and hate, desire and fear. 

Sanguine. Choleric. Melancholic. Phlegmatic.

‘To Breathe’ has taken it’s inspiration from the four different personality types: sanguine, choleric, melancholic and phlegmatic. Each has an ascribed set of behaviours and moods and the production moves through them linking each emotional state to the elements, the seasons and the way in which we breathe. The audience are moved through the emotions of a life cycle by choreography that captivates the heart. The cast of six actors create a single body with a single cycle that spirals into individual moments exploring each temperament and in the interesting peripheries between them.


Photography by Jonny Magowan

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