The Really Big Diamond



What Terrible and Golden Mystery…?

From the 18th to the 23rd of August, fringe veterans Theatre Paradok present The Really Big Diamond, an original musical based on F. Scott Fitzgerald’s short story The Diamond as Big as the Ritz.

Small-town boy John T. Unger leaves the security of his provincial hometown for an exclusive boarding school in Boston. Here he meets the mysterious Percy Washington who invites him to stay with his family in ‘the West’. He learns that the Washingtons live on an enormous diamond, the discovery of which would undermine the whole world economy with its gargantuan value. Cloistered in their privilege, the Washingtons’ eccentricities reveal their warped perception of the world, which enables them go to any length to protect the secret source of their wealth.

With an original score and innovative choreography, The Really Big Diamond takes Fitzgerald’s dark story to its poignant extreme. A dazzling modern musical, showing at 19:35 at Space @ Venue 45

Praise for Paradok:

Conference of the Birds Daringly different … Beautifully bizarre, EdFringeReview

Note of Dischord Over the top and, ultimately, awesome, EdFringeReview

John Unger – John Bruce
Percy Washington – Esmond Sage
Bridget Washington – Elsa van der Wal
Kismine Washington – Zanny Jacobsen
Jasmine Washington – Lucy Evans

Yanci – Lauren Moreau
Jannekin – Jack Wrigley
Chester – Fiona Anderson
Gygsum – Jozette Allan

Directors: Harriet Braine and Noah Tomson
Choreographer: Jay Jones
Producer: Annie Rieser
Co-producer: Izzy Douglas
Lighting designer: Kirstyn Petras
Stage manager: Jeni Cumming

Piano: Harriet Braine
Harp/violin: Sam MacAdam
Bass: Henry Schiller

Photos from the show!

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