Six Characters in Search of an Author

Theatre Paradok are proud to present our Spring 2013 production


Six Characters in Search of an Author

by Luigi Pirandello

Adapted by Ben Power and Rupert Goold, re-adapted for the Edinburgh stage by Joseph Cunningham and Thomas Louis

We are more than real. We are unchanging, immutable, fixed. We are what we have been made to be.

In a darkened auditorium, a theatre company is rehearsing a play. Their piece, a theatrical docudrama on euthanasia, relies entirely on its young, terminally ill protagonist – whose parents have just withdrawn him from the performance.

As their production falls apart and tensions rise, six characters appear seeking to have their story told. Discarded by their author, these figures are more than fiction. They blur the lines between truth and the pretend, questioning how real drama can ever be.

26 – 30 March, Adam House Theatre, Edinburgh










Director Elsa van der Wal
Producer/Mr Pace Rob Glover
Actor/Pirandello Sean Errey
Actress/Housekeeper Madeleine Ash
Stage Manager Joe McArdle
Father Will Hearle
Mother Charlotte Green
Step-Daughter Lauren Moreau
Son Sam Irving
Girl Isabelle Debnam
Boy Ollie Harris


Director Thom Louis
Assistant Director Charlotte Hodge
Producer Mihaela Bodlovic
Assistant Producers Elle Arscott and Amanda Fleet

Stage Manager Chelsey Beeson
Assistant Stage Manager Jessi Eichberger
Set Designers/Managers Judit Urgelles
and Lauren Schneider
Technical Manager Luciana Miu



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