Rosas de Sangre

This is a story about love, food, sex, and magic.

Set in the depths of Mexico during the revolution, two ill-fated lovers, Rosa and Santi, struggle against familial tradition and push towards the final, sensational embrace. One sister escapes, and joins the revolution. Santiago is forced to marry the other. Incorporating dance and live music, this immersive piece transports the audience to Mama Fuentes’ ranch where secret love and rebellious passion threaten to unravel the family. The boundary between magic and reality is never more liminal than at the dinner table.

With strong men, beautiful women, charming puppetry and the smell of food in the air, we will whisk the audience far away from rainy Edinburgh and immerse them in steamy Mexico in the throngs of revolution.Including music from the fabulous Tequila Mocking-bird and a scrumptious meal!

Rosas de Sangre was performed 27th-31st March 2012, at Riddle’s Court, 322 Lawnmarket, Edinburgh.

Mama Fuentes Emma Saunders
Rosa Bex Bowen
Santiago Fred Fergus
Maria Isabel Palmstierna
Valentina Harriet Braine
Juan Greg Lass
Ana Fiona Anderson
Pancha Yvonne Dimiri
Tomas Alex Gray
Revolutionary/Priest/Soldier Steven Kirschbaum

Director Leonie-Rae Gasson
Assistant Director Hona-Luisa Fuentes
Producer Fiona Keenan
Assistant Producer Olly McMahon
Stage Manager Ellen Harris
Choreographer Aniela Piasecka
Tech Manager Tom Turner
Head of Design Katherine McMahon
Assistant Head of Design Alice Moxley
Head of Sense Emma Dunmore
Head of Food Darla Eno
Music Tequila Mocking-bird
Puppets (Animal Trainer) Gem Bowes
Head of Costume/Props Emma Casey and Hari Brooker
Publicity Design Daniel Harris

Listen to Tequila Mocking-bird here:

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