Grimm Tales

We are most pleased to perform the Tales of the Brothers Grimm in front, behind and among your very eyes in the depths of the McEwan Hall.

Come one and come all to behold the tales of magic and horror! You’ll be shocked, you’ll be awed as our ensemble cast take you through a dark forest, a bar, a kitchen, a boy’s bedroom and a rather awkward dinner table.

This devised sensory dreamscape will transport you to a sinister place where the Devil himself delights in your digression from the beaten path. The very art of storytelling is twisted in this grotesque cabaret, where eccentricity is the norm and childhood dreams become all too real. Follow a small boy as he literally breaks through his bedroom wall into a land of storytelling, and leads the audience site by site in the transformed underbelly of the majestic McEwan Hall through the light and dark sides of the Brothers’ universal tales.


Grimm Tales was performed 16th – 20th March 2010, in the basement of McEwan Hall, Bristo Square, Edinburgh.


Arcadia Woods, Billy Watt, Charlotte Ashford, Dimitry Ser, Ella Maby, Emma Kemp, Hamish Kallin, Jen Ulrick, John Rushton, Jonathan Blaydon, Mary Margret McRae, Nina De La Para, Portia Butterworth, Rachel Dodd, Robin Hellier, Saskia Rothstein-Longaretti, Rohanne Udall, Steven Kirschbaum, Yasmine Akamune-Miles


Directors Debbie Hannan & Alice Harbourne
Producer Izzie Sullivan
Stage Manager Lillis Meeh
Set Katherine McMahon
Assistant Director Carolin Alff
Assistant Producer Dave Moffat
Choreography Robyn Tustin
Tech Dale Cooper
Assistant Technicians Stuart Houston, Taekia Blackwell, Gillian Yeoman, Katie Hill.
Assistant Stage Managers Crissie Brunton, Becka O’Sullivan, James Lamont, Claudia Marinaro, Richard Davies.
Costume Alice Nairn, Carla Monvid, Ciciley Giles, Emily Watson, Jamie Matheson, Kathryn Sutcliffe, Kelsey Johnston, Kirsty Quinn, Lucie Whitemore, Sarah Fuller.
Make Up Joao Abbott-Gribben, Saskia Rothstein-Longaretti
Artwork Fiona Jarrett, Eilidh McPherson

Grimm Tales was generously funded by the English Literature department.

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