Fringe 2013: A Note of Dischord

Famously frenetic Fringe veterans Theatre Paradok bring the inventions and influential historical figures of the Victorian era to life in an absurd Steampunk Universe with cacophonous contraptions and dynamic wit. 


A Note of Dischord

Mathematician Ada Lovelace and inventor Charles Babbage must battle their nemesis, The Organist, after Babbage’s attempts to banish music from the streets of London set off a dastardly chain of events.

The play is a new piece based on Sydney Padua’s fantastic web comic “2D Goggles or The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage”.

Praise for Paradok: ‘Daringly different … Beautifully bizarre’ ★★★★★ (

Fiona Keenan, the creative force behind the project, is a sound designer, focusing her production on the creation of unusual sound devices. You can follow Fiona’s design process on her BLOG.





Developer/Sound Designer: Fiona Keenan
Director: Jeni Cumming
Assistant Director: Yasmine Akamune-Miles
Producer: Prema Chablani


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