Conference of the Birds

All the birds of the world have gathered together.Into their midst steps the hoopoe, calling them to join his search for the Simorgh, king of all birds. They are weighed down by their fears and their attachment to the known world, but the hoopoe’s words finally convince them. Thus begins a journey which will lead them through shifting worlds of the imagination, out into the desert, and over the seven valleys of experience. Most will not have the strength or will to see the journey through, and for the thirty that remain on the path, what they find may not be what they sought.

Delivered through storytelling, physical theatre and music, and adapted by Peter Brook and Jean-Claude Carrière from 12th century Persian Sufi poetry, “The Conference of the Birds” is the tale of the birds of the world in search of their mysterious king, the Simorgh.

Come take flight with us and hear a tale.

The Conference of the Birds was performed at the Edinburgh Festival, 15th-20th August at Venue 45, Jeffery Street, Edinburgh.

Hoopoe Sam Gillespie
Exotic Bird Fiona Anderson
Heron Aoife Keenan
Duck/Cuckoo Rohanne Udall
Owl Jonathan Blaydon
Sparrow Darla Eno
Falcon Dylan Read
Parrot Nefeli Tsetseri
Dove Susannah Walden
Peacock Thomas Louis
Nightingale Isabel Powell
Partridge Sarah Elghady

Directors Sophie Barclay and Tamsin Wates
Producer Sophie Vukovic
Stage Manager Katherine McMahon
Set and Props Yasmine Himiko Akamune Miles
Costume Anna Driftmier, Emily Lang and Stella Phipps
Lighting Caroline Lindgren Svensson
Music Dan Abrahams, Jakab Pilaszanovich , Rosie York and Giancarlo Tammaro

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