Being. OK

Being. OK is a new devised performance by Fiona Anderson, exploring what it is to be happy and content, to be ok.

The chorus are guided through whimsical scenes charting familiar stages of life and rites of passage, meeting strange characters who help or hinder them from getting a glimpse of something beyond the ordinary, a little burst of light and life in the greys.

Being. OK was performed in the ECA Main Lecture Theatre 19th – 23rd November at 7.30pm. Tickets (£3/£5)


Director Fiona Anderson
Assistant Director Kate Banks
Producer Ellen Harris
Assistant Producer Jeni Cumming
Stage Manager Jack Charlesworth
Lighting Designer Alex Fernandes
Lighting Assistant Yasmine Akamune-Miles
Voice and Sound Co-Ordinator Harriet Braine
Creative Team Maddie Charne, Helen Twigg,
Joe Harvey, Paloma Proudfoot, Elspeth Chapman.


Maria Kheyfets
Jodie Mitchell
Sam Irving
Freddie Alexander
Bonnie Calderwood Aspinwall
Maria-Nefeli Tsetseri
Isabel Palmstierna
Isabelle Debnam
Eva O’Connor
Agnes Torok
Sam Gillespie

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