The Nether is a fully immersive virtual reality that comes to replace the internet. This technological wonder has taken over the real world to the point where most people work and study there. Apart from various business opportunities, the Nether also provides endless possibilities for fulfilling any dreams and desires, even the most disturbing ones – just log in and choose an identity. The play investigates the borders of the permissible in the virtual world. It focuses in particular on the ethical correctness of a relationship between two consenting adults in their 50s, one of whom, however, assumes the virtual identity of a child.


SIMS – Bradley Butler
MORRIS – Eilidh Northridge
DOYLE – Angus Gavan McHarg
IRIS – Brett McCarthy Harrop
WOODNUT – Will Byam Shaw


Director: Vlada Nebo
Production Manager: Bryn Jones
Producers: Emily Ingram and Anna Farr
Stage Manager: Erica Belton
Technical Manager: Iona Tangri
Sound Designer: Chris Armistead
Set Designer: Rui Zhang
Projection Designer: Robert Phipps
Composer and Soundscape designer: Christian Aalby Svalesen
Production Designers: Liam Rees and Kathryn Weaving
Props: Sarika Mathur
Welfare Officers: Erica Belton & Anna Farr

More details to follow!


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